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Staging a Small Bedroom With Julie O

A tiny bedroom can be difficult to stage but with a little creativity, the space can become a selling point for your home!

  1. Consider the demographics of the neighborhood. If it is mainly families, a nursery or young child’s room is a good choice. If the residents are mainly young professionals, an office oasis may be a more effective use of the space.
  2. Choose a monochromatic color scheme. This will be calming to the eye and will create the illusion of a larger space. 
  3. Select furniture that will take up less visual space. A nightstand with open legs, for example. Avoid heavy pieces like sleigh or canopy beds.
  4. Choose one or two larger pieces instead of multiple smaller pieces. Too many smaller pieces will eat up the space and make the room look cluttered.
  5. Take advantage of vertical space by choosing furniture that is tall rather than wide. This draws the eye up and gives the illusion of a larger room.


Text by Julie O.

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