Roula Thalassinos, President/Owner of RT Designs, believes everyone deserves to live in a home they love. With a natural gift for the interior decorating business, Roula uses her imagination to leave homeowners satisfied time and time again. This rising designer is both comprehensive and knowledgeable about her passion, which is to take the client’s vision and turn it into something so spectacular that they feel their home is the best place to be.

Thalassinos is known for adding personal flavour to every home she touches. While getting to know her clients, she is able to present them with unique ideas that accommodate their likes and dislikes. As an interior decorator, Thalassinos is adamant that every feature synchronizes towards the client’s satisfaction. When working with a home, there is a lot to consider: space planning, lighting, colours, decorating styles, flooring, window treatments and furniture. Add to that ever changing trends and tastes and a wonderful challenge is born.

Inspired by the world around her, Thalassinos says, “Colour, texture, fashion magazines, accessories and glamour are only a few elements that trigger her own design ideas”. She invites the task of recreating a room that a client has in mind and adding her own custom touches to each project.  Thalassinos says, “I am a full service company and make it a point to always get 2 or 3 quotes per job. This is time consuming because I look for the best deal in the client’s interest. What would take most people days to research; I can do in just a few hours.”

Invaluable professional advice comes in handy because whether building or renovating, many small decisions are needed and often people do not know where to begin. When choosing colours and swatches to decorate a home Thalassinos advises owners, “Bring samples of everything you are going to work with home. Check it in two lights, both daylight and evening light; all of the hues should work together. I also encourage homeowners to bring me magazine clippings that inspire them with designs they like. It is difficult for clients to verbalize their tastes, therefore going through the magazines is a wonderful way to pinpoint their design style.”

In addition to interior decorating, Thalassinos applies her talents as a Certified Staging Professional with her sister company, StagedFX. If that weren’t enough she is currently involved in creating an accessory line of one-of-a-kind fashion pillows. “My first collection was black and white. People love the fact that no two pillows were the same.” Thalassinos has chosen to generously donate a portion of every pillow sale to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Thalassinos really listens to her clients and gets to know their likes and dislikes. Like her pillow designs, she is a one-of-a-kind designer that makes homes a wonderful place to live.

– Text by Reena Nerbas

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