The Big Game is almost here! Now the problem of what to do for your Super Bowl party. Since the entertainment of the day is the game itself, the main things you’ll need to provide for the party is decorations, seating, food, and beverage. Here are some tips to help throw a great party for Super Bowl XLV.

Let’s start off with the most important thing – the food! Since everyone will be gathered around the TV, lounging on couches and chairs, you won’t want to get too complicated with the food. Stay simple and go with finger foods. Some quick, simple things you can get are meat, cheese, and veggie trays or chips and dip. Other tasty finger foods that are perfect for a Super Bowl party are lil smokies, shrimp cocktail, buffalo wings, or BBQ beef. If you want to kick it up a notch, here are some fun dips and twists on the basics.

Instead of just buying your chip dip in the jar, make your own! It can be something as simple as chili cheese dip, which is quick and doesn’t require much kitchen prowess – you can even stick the guys on this task! You just need a can or two of chili, some Velveeta cheese, and a little milk. I recommend doing this in a pot on the stove. All you do is cube up the cheese, add a splash of milk, let the cheese begin to melt, and add in the chili to your discretion. Continue to heat it until the cheese is nice and melted. Leave the dip on the stove or keep it in a crockpot so that way it is fresh throughout the game.

A twist you can add to the standard lil smokies or mini weenies is a variation to the BBQ sauce. Cook up the smokies according to the package. Then, add the BBQ sauce of your choice, but also add some grape jelly; this may sound strange, but trust me! The jelly adds a little bit of sweetness and thickens up the BBQ sauce. Another good hot food item is shredded BBQ beef. It can sit in the crockpot and stay fresh throughout the entire game. Keep the buns and some cheese close to the crockpot, and you’re set! You can find some great pre-cooked shredded beef on U.S. Wellness Meats. It is grassfed beef so it’s good for you. It comes pre-cooked, either plain or marinated in their all-natural BBQ sauce – quick, easy, and delicious!

Next up is beverage. Beer and football are somewhat synonymous. Stock up on your or your guys’ favorite brew. A couple beer companies offer home drafts that fit in your refrigerator; they usually hold 1.5 gallons, which is about 16 12-oz pours. This may be a more economical option than buying a case or two. You can also stock up on soda or punch if you don’t want any alcohol or for something in addition to the beer.

If your group is going for either the Packers or Steelers, decorate appropriately! Have colored paper plates, napkins, glasses, etc. that match the colors of your team. Also, be sure to have ample seating around the television. If you need to, be sure to rearrange before your guests arrive. That way everyone has a fantastic view of the game.

Good luck throwing your Super Bowl party, and may the best team win!

Jordan Wood works for Gig Salad – a go-to source to book services or entertainment for whatever type party you’re planning from Super Bowl parties to Wedding Receptions!

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