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The Seasonal Palate Celebrate your seasonal palate

Have you ever noticed that you love a certain food one year, only to avoid it the next? Our taste preferences naturally change over time for a variety of reasons. Often the weather and season impacts our desire for certain flavours or textures, which is why we might crave comfort foods in the winter, likestew, shepherd’s pie, and roasts, and prefer fresh foods in the summer, like tomatoes, fruit, and corn.

Seasonal preferences also apply to our taste for just the right beverage at just the right time, like certain wines and beer. In fact, Gary Matthews, a brewing specialist at Rickard’s, was given the task of developing a seasonal brew to tap into the ‘winter beer buds’ of Canadians. The perfect flavours would stir images of oak cabins, skiing and cozy nights by the fire. Matthews, with more than 27 years in the industry, turned out Rickard’s Oakhouse, a specially aged, deep amber brew with lightly toasted oak and subtle hints of vanilla.

“Be sure to introduce your guests to this taste treat” he says, “and for beer fans, Oakhouse also makes a thoughtful gift. It’s a great gift for others—and for yourself.”

To prevent winter doldrums, Matthews also challenges us not get too complacent with food and drink. Try something new, he says, to expand your ever evolving palate.

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