When people tell their most cherished family stories they often involve the holidays. But the journey to reconnect with friends and family can be expensive, especially at the height of the holiday season.

To increase your gift giving budget, here are a few tips to follow for improved mileage and savings at the pump:

1. Perform vehicle maintenance before you drive

A poorly maintained vehicle can consume up to 15% more fuel than a well-maintained vehicle and increases emissions by even more.1 Nine out of 10 Canadian mechanics surveyed by Leger Marketing report that the top mistake they see vehicle owners make is only bringing in their vehicle for servicing once a problem arises. To prevent costly breakdowns, keep up with your maintenance schedule.

2. Practice smart behaviours and actions while you’re behind the wheel

Plan your holiday shopping trips and routes wisely. Combine several short trips into one longer trip. In the winter an engine can burn up to 50% more fuel for a short trip than for the same trip in the summer.1

To help stretch your fuel further, drive smoothly. By avoiding speeding, heavy acceleration or breaking you can lower your consumption by up to 20%.1

3. Choose high quality products and services

A protected engine typically runs more efficiently – like the vehicle manufacturer originally designed. “A lower-quality gasoline leaves behind carbon deposits, called engine gunk, which can negatively affect engine performance,” confirms Jim Macias, a fuels technology manager at Shell. “By selecting a high quality gasoline, such as all three grades of Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines, it’s easy to help protect critical engine parts from performance-robbing gunk as you drive.”

As you plan your way to savings at the pump this holiday season, these tips can help to ensure that you can afford to take all of these trips and have an arm full of gifts to give upon your arrival.


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