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Tips for Utilizing Solar Energy in Your Home


solar-cells-157122_960_720So you want to go solar? There are two kinds of solar power you can use in your home: active and passive. Active solar power is captured through solar cells and stored for later use much like a traditional electrical system. A passive solar system – typically used in greenhouses, sunrooms or solariums – converts and uses the solar power immediately and does not involve the use of any mechanical devices. Be sure that you are choosing the right kind of solar for where you are situated.


A few obvious benefits of using solar power in your home involve saving money on your power bill, and lessening your environmental impact. Here are a few more:

  • Solar increases your home value.
  • The government offers incentives and rebates for homes that utilize solar power, plus discounts off your equipment and installation.
  • Solar panels will last you decades – up to 40 years.


If you’re considering installing a solar power system into your home, here are 4 things to keep in mind:


  1. Pay attention to weather conditions before you perform the install. Solar panels typically need about five hours of direct sunlight a day, so if you’re finding you aren’t getting the proper amount of light, in the winter and fall for example, you may want to reconsider your choice.


  1. Be smart about panel placement and angle. Consider things like trees or other properties and buildings that might block the light in the future. Take the time to track the path of sunlight, and take into account seasonal changes.


  1. Make sure you have the proper permits and your panel placement and size is in accordance with regulations put in place by the city.


  1. Be sure to get your system checked regularly. Consult a technician twice yearly.



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