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Transforming Julliette’s Place

In May, the team at Imajen Design + Decor had the remarkable opportunity to partner with Juillette’s Place, a women’s shelter dedicated to providing safety and support for women and their children fleeing domestic violence. With a shared vision of creating a nurturing environment, the team embarked on a mission to transform a much-needed space within the shelter. 

The room in question was the wellness room, a sanctuary where women could find solace and engage in various healthy activities. The team aimed to design a space that would offer multiple purposes, allowing the women to engage in activities such as reading, working out, journaling, nail care, and arts. By providing these outlets, the hope was to empower the women and facilitate their journey of healing and planning for the future.

One of the standout aspects of this project was the knowledge that the space they were creating would have a profound impact on women trying to rebuild their lives. The understanding that their efforts would contribute to the well-being and empowerment of these individuals filled the team with a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

However, transforming the wellness room came with its fair share of challenges. The limited space presented a creative hurdle that the team had to overcome. The team aimed to design a room that was not only multi-purpose but also provided a degree of privacy when more than one woman was using the space. To address this, they utilized a divider that doubled as a plant stand, ingeniously creating a private reading nook. 

When it came to allocating resources, the team carefully considered where to splurge and where to save. They invested in quality light fixtures, a wall shelf, and area rugs to define the different areas within the room. On the other hand, they found cost-effective solutions by repurposing the original bookshelf with baskets and utilizing a chair that was already present in the room. 

Reflecting on the experience, the team shared valuable advice for potential clients. They emphasized the importance of good design, where functionality and aesthetics seamlessly merge. Despite the limited space, they were able to create a beautiful room that served multiple functions through thoughtful and intelligent design choices. 

In supporting the cause of Juillette’s Place, Imajen Design + Décor shed light on the shelter’s dependence on donations and government funding to operate. Unfortunately, revitalizing spaces within the shelter is not always prioritized due to resource constraints. The transformation of the wellness room, and future projects like the upcoming Children’s Room, are made possible through the generous support of public donations. Imajen Design + Decor remains committed to continuing their revitalization efforts, and anyone interested in contributing to these projects can find more information on how to donate on their website. 

Imajen Design + Decor’s partnership with Juillette’s Place serves as an inspiring example of how collaboration and design expertise can positively impact the lives of vulnerable individuals. By creating spaces that foster healing, empowerment, and hope, they are making a tangible difference in the journey of women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence. – Imajen Design & Décor, 

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