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E-design is the offering of virtual design services, primarily via email, without physically visiting the space. This sounds like a revolutionary concept, but it isn’t. A common task for a designer is to provide detailed plans for spaces without physically being on site to see them. This is because they haven’t been built yet, and are simply an architect’s drawing.

THE IDEAL CANDIDATE FOR VIRTUAL DESIGN SERVICE would be anyone who is comfortable ordering and setting up a room themselves. They would be looking for convenient, ready-made items that arrive quicker than custom-made options. Virtual design also works for those with hectic work schedules, who can email after hours but don’t have time to meet with a designer.


A virtual client is actively involved with the designer. This is the key to the success of this service. The client provides as much detailed information as possible via email pertaining to measurements, room photographs, inspirational photos, personal information, likes and dislikes, budget and style. Specific needs for the space will also be discussed, such as the primary function, traffic flow, durability of materials for children/pets, and considerations for aging in place. Everything is analyzed by the designer and a design plan is created. In a few weeks time, the design is emailed to the client. This virtual design includes components specific to their needs, a two dimensional floor plan with furniture layout, a three-dimensional rendering, furniture, wall colors, wall coverings, lighting, window treatments, art, accessories, and a shopping list. In some cases, samples can also be mailed to the client. Prices for items and their sources are given, and once received, the homeowner has the power to set the design in motion!


As our world continues to focus on technology, this type of design is here to stay. In 2020 especially, homeowners appreciate the option to be able to work with a professional while remaining safely distanced at the same time. Effective communication of all room details is the key to accurate, outstanding virtual design! E-design can provide consultation in a convenient, cost-effective way and also provide quicker, ready-made solutions to design challenges. For those with limited time and limited access to a traditional design planning approach, e-design is virtually invaluable! – Jillian Straky,

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