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Five Ways to Create a Warm and Cozy Home This Fall

1. Home Heating

A simple and inexpensive tip which most of us tend to forget about is replacing your furnace filter – this is recommended to be done once a year – once replaced will keep your furnace running more efficiently therefore heating more effectively.

An electric stand alone or wall mount fireplace can also be an excelling source of heat for your home if you haven’t got one built in. For a wide array of shapes, sizes and finishes check out Hearth Manor – my favourite new style being “The Chalet” which comes with the option of being either wall mounted or floor standing, perfect for if you want to change it up or if you move and the space calls for something different.

2. Blankets & Pillows

If easily achieving warmth is what you’re after, this would be the way. By bringing in or adding more cushions to your sofa or bed and incorporating a cozy throw, the space will instantly feel like it went up a couple of degrees.

Trendy Throw This Season: Hermes Avalon Blanket (Mix of Wool & Cashmere)

3. Drapery

Double up your curtain panels by either installing a double rod or installing 2 rods one on top of another. Adding another layer of fabric will actually help in insulating your house and but will add luxuriousness too.

4. Area Rugs

It’s amazing how much warmer a space can feel simply by bringing in an area rug if you currently don’t have one. If you do have one, bring in some plush by layering – you can find animal hides to match every scheme and they look great angled on top of any rectangular size.

5. Lighting

Many of us use Compact Fluorescent bulbs, however the light they do produce can read a bit cold, translating into you actually feeling cooler. For the few chilly months we get here in Canada, consider swapping out your CFLs for incandescent ones which radiate a softer, warmer, yellow glow.

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