Your cottage is your second home, so you want it to be comfortable, usable and enjoyable – your escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. But, when it comes time to renovate, cottages pose a challenge. For example, many older cottages use out-dated plumbing, which may now pose a risk of clogging, corrosion, and damage from tree roots. Another problem is that the terrain where your cottage is located can affect what type of installations you may benefit from. For instance, if your cottage is built on rock, this will limit your building options, especially if you need to dig down to install new plumbing.

Plumbing renovations are often costly, time consuming and challenging at the cottage. However, Saniflo’s range of plumbing systems are a great solution to these issues. With Saniflo, you can easily add desirable amenities to your cottage, like a full-piece bathroom, laundry room or outdoor kitchen. A bar or pool house plumbing could also be done all without major construction. The secret? Up-flush technology.

Environmentally friendly, simple to install and offering a variety of solutions, Saniflo’s up-flush toilet and grey-water pump systems can be installed anywhere from basement to attic. Saniflo systems pump wastewater horizontally up to 150 feet away with gravity fall, and up to 18 feet vertically. These macerating and grinding technology systems use small-diameter piping that can be run virtually anywhere. They can be installed above-floor or concealed within a wall with minimal construction in just a few short hours. Never before has adding a new bathroom or laundry room to your cottage been so easy!

Saniflo provides a wide array of hassle-free, cost-effective renovation possibilities for cottagers, no matter the situation. The Saniaccess® 3 is the most advanced macerator in the world and is perfect for installing a full bathroom in a cottage, especially in situations where you can’t drill down below the bedrock. For a laundry room install, the compact Saniswift® drain pump can handle the wastewater from a washing machine with a laundry sink connection.

Since 2001, our team of Experienced Landscape Installers, Certified Landscape Designers, and Award Winning Pool Installers have brought the best possible experience to our valued customers. We will work with you to design and create your dream landscaping while offering the peace of mind that comes with working with fully insured professionals and a two year, industry leading warranty.




There is nothing worse thn enjoying a wonderful, relaxing day at the cottage only to crawl into an uncomfortable bed at the end of the day! The mattresses at the cottage are often an after-thought but they shouldn’t be! Invest in a quality mattress to ensure you enjoy your nights as much as you enjoy your days and you’ll wake up ready for another day of adventures! National Mattress offers a unique business model with space saving warehouses instead of showrooms, giving you the best prices from the best manufacturers in Canada including Serta, Simmons, Beautyrest, Sealy, Tempurpedic, Springwall, and more.


This play couch, designed and made in Canada, is the perfect solution for rainy days at the cottage. The couch acts as a fun play surface that kids can mold to suit whatever their imagination can come up with. When not in use as a play space, the couch provides additional seating or even a comfy spare bed for overnight guests! – www.gococonut.ca

THE STANDARD BUNKIE, coming in at about 104 sq ft plus loft, can comfortably sleep up to 4 people and because it is under 107 sq ft, does not require a building permit in most areas (check your local jurisdiction to verify)!

THE NEVADA MODEL, at 99 sq. ft., offers a modern look with enough space to create a guest bedroom, a home office, a private art studio or whatever you may need a spare room for!


One of the best parts of summer is sharing it with family and friends but sometimes, available space can be an issue. We love these kits from Pacrim that offer a beautiful, high quality solution to the problem. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these kits include everything you need to create the perfect guest house at home or at the cottage!

There are a variety of sizes available, ranging from a 36 sq ft model perfect for a gardening shed, to a 139 sq ft model that makes the perfect tiny home with porch!

These kits are easy to assemble and come with high quality materials, including a choice of metal or shingle roofing, high quality, kiln dried Nordic Spruce timber, windows, doors, hardware and all screws and nails needed to construct the unit and install any finishing.

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