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When designing this laneway home, the intention was to create a highly functional, optimized laneway house with industrial modern inspiration. The homeowners didn’t want a cookie cutter laneway home built simply for rental at the lowest possible cost. They wanted their laneway home to feel trendy, spacious and unique in order to attract higher quality tenants. They also wanted a space they would love if they chose to live there in the future.

Laneway homes have maximum building heights, and often feel overly cramped. When designing this home, the main floor was placed below grade. This allowed for higher ceilings on the main and upper floors with an open concept layout. It really doesn’t feel like your typical laneway house. The finished home features in floor radiant heating, polished concrete floors and a full kitchen with an oversized island. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms offer plenty of room while a walk-in closet and in suite laundry add additional convenience and storage as well.

While there are plenty of ways to save money by choosing less expensive products that will still achieve the same look, there are some things you should never compromise on. The main bones of the home and internal plumbing and electrical are things you don’t see but the long-term impacts of trying to save on those items can cost you significantly in the long run.

When designing a laneway home, the experts at PHW Homes suggest that you take the time to design the home to your needs. Don’t try to cram as much as you possibly can into the space. Instead, make room for a comfortable living space and functional kitchen. If you’re thinking about building a laneway… do it! There is nothing you can purchase in Vancouver or anywhere in the lower mainland for that matter, for the price of building a laneway house. Additionally, they provide significant options of use such as rentals, in-law suite, care home, personal living while you rent the primary home, and the list goes on.

– PHW Homes Inc,

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