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What is Condensate and Why Does it Matter

Your drainage pipes are an incredibly important part of your home and can be extremely expensive to repair or replace. Condensate neutralizers are an important piece of keeping those drainage pipes working for as long as possible.

Condensate can potentially cause property damage or even create health hazards that can affect indoor air quality. Often, condensate is not able to drain adequately via gravity, usually because the application lacks conventional, below-floor drainage. Why is it important to neutralize?

1 Prevents damage to plumbing systems and infrastructure.

2 Avoids septic system damage.

3 Most plumbing codes require neutralization for corrosive waste.

While neutralization can be accomplished in several ways, the Sanicondens Best Flat’s 2-in-1 approach combines the installation of neutralizers and condensate pumps into a single, space- and cost-saving system. The pump ensures condensate waste does not linger inside or around the water heater or boiler; the neutralizer removes the acidity that would damage water and sewer pipes.

Sanicondens Best Flat is the ideal, environmentally-friendly solution for today’s ultra-highefficiency condensing equipment: boilers, water heaters, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, and other appliances. – Saniflo, www.saniflo.com

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