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image001A few years ago, while attending the Real Estate Staging Association annual conference in Las Vegas, I discovered the Las Vegas Furniture Market and I was in heaven! As a home stager, one of my goals is to create a lasting impression of your home in the buyer’s mind. Stagers need to stay abreast of current trends and know how to keep your home looking fresh and updated. We also need to understand neighborhood demographics in order to stage the property to suit the types of buyers drawn to that neighborhood; young, hip, professionals usually have a more modern style for example.

It is fascinating to see the latest trends developing before they go mainstream. I so admire what other creative minds can do with items that are trending to keep it fresh. They inspire me!

So, what were the hottest trends this year?

1. METALS – Gold, brass, platinum, bronze … in a variety of finishes. What made this new was the mixing of different metals, and the mixing of metals with other rustic materials.

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2. GEODES and AGATE – found as accessories, framed or as furniture pieces.


3. MARSALA – In many different finishes – lustre, shimmer, glossy, matte metallic …anything goes … just add Marsala to your room! (See my last blog on how to use it!)


4. GEOMETRICS – on carpets, on fabrics, on walls …

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5. HAIR ON HIDE – on everything and in many exciting colors.


6. MIX, Mix, Mix! – Mixing styles and materials was so fun to see. From Coastal to Equestrian to Modern Industrial (yup, the mixing of the two styles has its own name!). Carefully planned Eclectic is in. Originality is in.

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One would think that, after three days of visiting the market, I would be glad to see the end of it, or everything would all begin to look the same. On the contrary, the magnificent array of originality in the products and the bold mixing emerging this year made for many delightful surprises and interesting displays. I could have happily spent another three days just soaking it all in.

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