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What’s Your Bathroom Decor Style?

The average homeowner updates their bathroom every five to seven years, which means trends are always evolving. Whether you find inspiration by flipping through design magazines or browsing on Pinterest, most homeowners’ style falls in one of three categories: classic, transitional, or modern.

“While trends evolve, these three categories never go away. What changes are the colors, textures, and finishes within them,” explains Natalia David, trend and design manager of at The Home Depot Canada. “Before designing your dream bathroom oasis, determine what your décor style is in order to ensure a cohesive look and feel.”

Timeless style. Elegant designs combined with architectural details reign supreme with this classic look. This aesthetic leans towards light monochromatic colour schemes with staggered or herringbone tile designs, while accent colors can be bold with patterns taking a back seat. Items like lighting and faucets favor formal over fancy and symmetry of the room is key.

The perfect blend. Transitional bathrooms combine classic charm with modern simplicity. This style is perfect for active households looking for practicality without sacrificing flair. Focusing on classic color schemes such as tan, white, and light grey, flooring and counter tops are often marble or natural stone for a complimentary look.

Contemporary chic. Built for function and organization, sleek and simple is the name of the game in modern bathrooms. With liberal use of industrial materials such as glass, chrome, and cut-stone, texture has a starring role. To emphasize clean lines, consider installing a floating vanity to avoid visual clutter. Remember that less is more.

If you’re still unsure about what style is right for you, check out bathroom inspiration galleries at

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