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Traditional Kitchen by Yanic Simard

A kitchen is undoubtedly the most used room in our homes which means that investing in this area is always a wise decision.

A Kitchen by Yanic Simard

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If you’re in a house you just love but with it comes a kitchen you don’t, then you might be thinking of re-designing this space. The thought of this might overwhelm you to the point of putting up the for sale sign, packing up and moving into a brand new, turn-key home. But stop and think about it. Today, you can customize everything and nothing’s worse than moving into a home where the layout or function of this key main room just doesn’t work – it might look pretty but it may be unpractical for you and the needs of your family. If you re-design the space yourself it will become truly your space, created just the way you want it. The inspiration for this space came from renowned British designer Clive Christian, best known for his designer kitchens. The space is very traditional in nature and we gave it a slight twist of contemporary. I kept many of the most important design elements in mind to flow and relate to each other.

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