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Traditional Kitchen by Yanic Simard

A kitchen is undoubtedly the most used room in our homes which means that investing in this area is always a wise decision.


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Though it’s not all about aesthetics- (but a lot of it was…see the elaborate hand carved detail on the island, the use of two gorgeous crystal chandeliers.) beneath the beauty we had to design the space to function well. This is a large kitchen and functionality played such an important role in the design direction. Don’t be fooled to think that because the kitchen is massive, that the efficiency is not there. The space was designed in a way to keep the sink, stove and fridge in an acceptable distance, maintaining the work triangle and functionality for this large family to cook together.... Tip - No major traffic patterns should cross through the work triangle. First, I decided to make the island higher than the typical 36”– I made the height 40” because it’s much easier for cooking and baking, which is what the island was mainly going to be used for. There is much-needed storage on all four sides consisting of doors and shelves with wicker baskets that are easy to access by the kids. We made sure for this busy family that they had adequate room for recycling and garbage components along with a water filter. Like I mentioned, it’s all in the details. Working with an experienced designer is very beneficial, not only will they help you from making costly mistakes, but they will help make the design process much easier.

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