64638HFall is a perfect time to examine your home for fire and other hazards, and conducting a safety assessment will ensure you’re taking all of the necessary precautions.  From kitchen to garage – and even the backyard, The Home Depot Canada shares its home safety checklist to help keep Canadian families safe:

• Set the alarm – Every level of the home should have a smoke detector and they should be placed as close to the bedrooms as possible.  When installing a smoke detector, consider one operated by a lithium battery, as these batteries last up to 10 years.  Test your alarms once a year and replace the batteries when needed.

• Prevent invisible threats – Install a carbon monoxide detector on every floor and especially near bedrooms so you can be alerted if this gas is present.  Look for the CSA 6.19-01 blue flame stamp to ensure they are certified to the latest technology. Like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors need to be tested regularly. They should also be replaced every five to seven years.

• Reduce yard hazards – More combustible trees such as pine and spruce should be kept at a distance from your home. By limiting evergreens and making sure these trees and shrubs are planted at least 10 metres from your home and 3-6 metres apart can prevent fire from spreading.  Also keep woodpiles at a safe distance to reduce fuel for fires.

• Light it right – Examine all light fixtures and make sure the light bulbs meet the recommended wattage requirements for your lamps and lighting fixtures.  The wattage should be indicated on the light fixture or in the instruction manual.

• Be emergency prepared –In case of small fires, a high-rated fire extinguisher is essential for every 600 feet of space in your home.  There are three basic classes of fire extinguishers (A, B and C) that are effective at protecting against different types of fires, as well as multi-purpose extinguishers to protect against all three.  Know how to operate and maintain your fire extinguishers and install them within reach and in an upright position.

For more information on how to keep your home safe, visit www.homedepot.ca or visit The Home Depot store in your community.


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