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PRODUCT LAUNCH: Zee Silk by Amala

Amala Carpets, creators of custom handmade luxury carpets, has received award accolades and rave reviews for their newly-launched Zee Silk collection. Amala developed a new eco-friendly and sustainable silk fibre, manufactured with 100 per cent organic methods and materials, for their exclusive hand-woven creations. The new collection was born after several years of research and testing to preserve the silk’s best qualities, including its natural strength, shimmer and durability.

“The Aria design is part of our newest line of carpets called the Zee Silk collection, featuring 100 per cent organic, handcrafted silk carpets from Thailand,” said Shan Shrestha, Amala Carpets founder and designer. “It is truly a spectacular collection, combining traditional Thai weaving techniques with modern design. From cocoon to carpet, the entire process is all natural and made without machines or any chemicals – making Zee Silk one of the most environmentally-friendly carpets available in the world today.

The Aria Collection

Inspired by butterfly wings, we were captivated by their natural stunning colour palettes and designs, but most importantly by what we saw under the microscope. The wings of the butterfly and its body were covered in shingle like scales that were neatly and delicately organized in rows. These tiny, pigmented scales painted the wings in iridescent and metallic hues. Instantly, we fell in love with these organized scales and the amazing texture they created. We were then inspired and challenged to transform this pattern onto our handmade carpet textures.


Butterfly wing under a microscope


Extreme close-up of Aria Collection Carpet


Aria Collection carpet


Many designs and colours available

Ankip Collection – Safa

The colour palette for the product SAFA design inspired by water ripples was chosen for its soothing appearance and its ability to beautify many environments.


Vaara Collection – Mudmi

We employed the dyeing process known as Mudmi with our own little twist to achieve a new level of shimmer and depth in the colours. This technique involved an ancient resist tie-dye method that was once used only for high-ranking nobility’s attire. Mudmi requires tons of patience, since different sections of the silk have different colours and therefore it must be tie-dyed many times, but the result is one of a kind.



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