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10 Things Every Guy Should Know About Design and Decorating


You don’t have to be a designer or decorator to have a cool space to hang out in. Keeping it simple is the easiest way to make a room look its best. Follow these tips and ideas and accomplish a masculine, stylish room filled with the things that you love.

  1. Like a suit, start your room with a neutral as your foundation and build on it. This neutral can be any colour, but stick to the classics of brown, navy, grey, beige. The darker the colour the smaller the room will feel, but sometimes it helps cocoon and romance the room.
  2. Accent the room with a feature wall; it could be painted a different colour to complement your neutral, or a collection of art/photographs. For a clean look, keep all the frames the same. Or for an eclectic vibe, use different frames and sizes to create a bigger impact.
  3. Add up to 2 colours in your accents in the room; these should be varying in tones and pattern. Use this in pillows and accessories, as well as in your floor covering.
  4. Use a combination of textures to create interest in the room: leather, wool, linen, cotton, chrome, stainless steel, glass or acrylic.
  5. Buy some legitimate artwork. No more posters. When installing this art, remember these 2 rules of thumb: When hanging a single piece, it should be hung so that the centre of the art is 57” from the floor or eye-level. If hanging above a sofa, the distance from the top of the sofa to the bottom of the artwork should be between 6-8”. Remember that scale makes a difference and should always be considered.
  6. A leather ottoman is a durable and comfortable alternative to a coffee table, allowing you to put your feet up without damaging the edges, but also provides a surface for drinks and snacks during the games.
  7. Area carpets help ground a room. Keep these tips in mind when making your purchase: All your furniture should fit onto the carpet, but in some cases you can cheat a bit by having the front legs of your sofa and chairs resting on it. It should also have a 24” perimeter if it is to fill the entire room. Choose wools and natural fibers over synthetics as they are more easily cleaned after a night of partying. Pattern will also help hide dirt, wear and tear.
  8. A room full of media equipment can overbear the room. Keep these items in a sturdy wall unit frame, with easy access and if possible, doors with red-eye technology. Remember bigger isn’t always better. Your TV should be at least 5- 8 feet away for a 40” screen and 7-11 feet for a 52” screen.
  9. A well-stocked bar is essential. Invest in a classic set of bar tools and glasses along with a good selection of alcohol. Set this up in either a free-standing unit or bar cart. If you don’t have the space then set it up on a great tray on the kitchen countertop.
  10. With all that said and done, you now need to look your part in your home. While getting ready in the bathroom, here are 2 more tips that will help you look your best: Use 2 light sconces on either side of a mirror. They should be between 36-40” apart and placed 60-72” from the floor or eye level. This will give you the best lighting for shaving and grooming. Lastly, hang your towel bar 48” above the floor. Nobody likes to see towels dragging on the floor or hanging over the door. Those college days are over.

Photo Source: IKEA

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