The Lion’s Den
Once a retreat from the world, the Man Cave has evolved into a space that can also be enjoyed with a man’s family and friends. No longer relegated to a dank, dark basement, the modern man cave can be anywhere on the property. So this Father’s Day, why don’t you turn your garage into a play space for your man?

Clean Slate
In order to make the lair of his dreams, you must first clear the space of anything unnecessary. Get rid of everything that is old, broken or serves no purpose. Group items into piles of sporting goods, gardening supplies, holiday décor and kidstuff. Hold a garage sale or donate whatever you no longer need. Put whatever you have decided to keep into matching plastic bins. Clearly label each bin to indicate the contents in marker on tape so you know what is in there at a glance. Finally, stack the bins to one side of the garage and out of the way.

Kid in a Candy Shop
Once all the excess is packed away, decide how to organize the space. Do your best to get things off the floor to create the most space possible for his hobby. Move necessary cleaning fluids, car supplies and old paint cans to cabinets that can be hung up on the wall. Think about how you can customize and outfit the space for his particular style. Has he always wanted to be a musician? Then perhaps, a garage band style getaway complete with old record albums hung on the wall is perfect for your man.

Blueprint for a Boy’s Clubhouse
Survey the empty space and decide what kind of hobby or favourite pastime will dictate the design style. Can you fit a pool table? Or poker table? If possible, paint the garage a new colour. This will make it feel like a new space. Even a cement floor can be part of the design. If you have a sports nut on your hands, paint in the lines of his favorite game. If it’s golf that he loves, consider a turf for the ground.

Tinker, Tailor, Musician, Sports Fan
Now that you have decided what kind of a fort to build, figure out what furniture you will need for the space. Can you include a few comfy seating options for your video game lover? Is there room for a mini-fridge so that drinks and snacks are within arms’ reach of the game? A worktable that includes a sturdy bench will come in handy while he putters about. If you have a collector or hipster on your hands, think about shelves to house his prized objects or create a vintage photography wall. Perhaps, your former quarterback needs a place to showcase all of the trophies from his glory days. Install floating shelves to show off those beauties.

There are endless options of interesting organizational products on the market today. Choose the ones that best fit with your plan for the space. If you are creating a workshop for a man that likes to tinker with his tools, think about spray painting a large pegboard to keep all of his toys in order. Metro shelving is a great option for the stylish man who needs a place to organize his extensive record collection or assorted shot glasses from around the world. Pick galvanized steel hooks and pulls for the man who is into carpentry or woodworking.

If you have designed your garage with him in mind, included the objects he needs to unwind and given him a place that belongs only to him, then you will have given him the ultimate modern man cave.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Kim Bartley, Principal of Kim Bartley Design, brings 25 years of business ownership and management to the table. Kim’s keen eye for design lends her rooms an edgy sophistication while remaining current and functional. Her philosophy is that your home should make you happy and reflect your lifestyle and changing needs. Focusing on unparalleled client care, Kim aims to make the design experience positive and enjoyable at each phase of the project. She works collaboratively with her clients to develop spaces that are clean and modern but still warm and approachable. Kim believes that everyone deserves to live in a beautifully designed space and focuses on truly “getting” her clients.

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  • These are some great ideas for converting garages in to man caves.
    I’ve been looking for some similar ideas for ‘woman Caves’.
    Would be interested if you have some ideas on this ?