5 Mega Lawn Games to DIY This Summer

Lawn scrabble 

Create tiles using cardboard or if you have a handy-person in the house, have him or her cut wood planks into even squares. Use marker, spray paint or permanent marker to inscribe letters onto the tiles.

Find more details and instructions here.

Photo Source: brit.co
Photo Source: brit.co


Play the classic version with your kids … orrr send the kids to bed, whip up some cocktails, compile a list of rules, and call it ‘drinking jenga’ instead.

Find a step-by-step on how to create a life-sized version of the game here.


Yard Yahtzee 

All you’ll need to DIY this fun game is six wooden cubes, paint and a white board.

Photo Source: nap-timecreations.com
Photo Source: nap-timecreations.com

Details and instructions.



Use non-toxic spray paint to create a large-scale twister board directly onto your lawn, using a piece of cardboard with a circular cutout as your template.

Find more details and instructions here.


Snake and ladders

All you’ll need to create this reusable game is a cotton bedsheet, paint and a template (like this one). Customize it as you please.

Photo Source: thecraftables.com
Photo Source: thecraftables.com
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