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How to Organize a Glamping Dinner Party

Warm, August nights are perfect for throwing glamping dinner parties. Check out our simple and straight forward how-to:


Set up a unique glampsite

Chose a venue, whether that’s your own backyard, your family’s summer cottage or the beach boardwalk down the street – just make sure you have level ground, suitable for pitching a tent. Get creative with your accommodations, and instead of a basic tent, opt for funkier, more spacious model, like this stylish bell tent:


Photo Source: brit.co

Or this spacious tipi:

Photo Source: etsy.com

Photo Source: etsy.com

Once you’ve set up your tent, be sure to really make it your own, using colourful streamers and other low-cost craft material to decorate the exterior and interior of your tent – (afterall, glamping is all about creating a custom camping experience).


Consider your guests’ comfort

Because this is glamping, not camping, comfort is an absolute priority. Rather than using uncomfortable blow-up air mattresses, layer your tent floor with a few layers of egg crate mattress pad, and then layer pillows and blankets over top. Enhance the comfy look of your glampsite further by bringing area rugs, cushions and furniture items outside and mix it in with your outdoor furniture.



Because you have the luxury of ample prep time beforehand, get creative with your lighting. Try these DIY lighting ideas.


Include classic elements of camping

Even though you’re forgoing the sleeping bags and the communal campsite bathroom, you still might want to include some of the more favourable elements of camping. You’ve got the sleeping outdoors part covered; but don’t forget the s’mores, (or try this recipe for s’mores hot chocolate: http://ourbestbites.com/2010/12/smores-hot-chocolate/) and the campfire (link: http://canadianhometrends.com/5-diy-fire-fixture-ideas/), for moderate camping authenticity.


Photo Source: indulgy.com

Don’t forget the ‘dinner’ part

Skip the traditional burgers and hot dogs and spend a little time creating a creative menu tailored to your guests’ preferences. Make it a potluck, if you so desire, or skip dinner entirely and make it a bitings-and-cocktails affair.




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