Are your showers all business and no fun? Change that ASAP with any one of these five novelty shower heads. 


3D Printed T-Rex Shower Head 

This 3D printed shower head is quite literally a head … of a t-rex. 

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Visit Oh Gizmo! to read more about this 3D Prined T-Rex Shower Head and to find out how you can recreate one of your very own. (Or visit Amazon to shop it!) 


Darth Vader Shower Head 

Designed with Star Wars fans in mind, this “Oxygenics” shower head features three, pressure-boosted spray settings to ensure your shower is as all-powerful as the dark side.  

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Visit Bed Bath & Beyond to read more about this Darth Vader Shower Head and to shop it! 


R2-D2 Shower Head 

Not the quite ready to switch over to the dark side? How about this R2-D2 model instead? Designed to reduce water use, this shower head boasts a “shower difference that’s out of this galaxy.” 

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Visit Amazon to read more about this R2-D2 Shower Head and to shop it! 


Prestige Handheld Vitamin C Shower Head 

In addition to conserving water consumption by 25 percent, this shower head is chock-full of vitamin C concentrate, to promote healthier hair and skin. It also features built-in aromatherapy, chlorine removal, rust control, and a negative ionizer. 

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Visit Etsy to read more about this Prestige Handheld Vitamin C Shower Head and to shop it! 


LEDMOMO Three-Color Changing Shower Head 

Using temperature-sensing technology, this rain-style shower head will change colors based on water temperature. No batteries or external power supply needed.  

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Visit Ali Express to read more about this LEDMOMO Three-Color Changing Shower Head and to shop it! 

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