Bathroom mirrors are a staple element of home décor, with the potential to lend both form and function to the space. In the bathroom, optimizing your mirror can help to optimize the room, particularly if your bathroom is on the cozy side. TIP If possible, place your mirror across from a natural light source. This will amplify your natural light, making your bathroom seem bigger and brighter.

To help diversify your mirror knowledge further, we’ve rounded up this year’s trendiest designs. 


Round & Oversized 

According to this year’s trend forecast, angular mirrors are out and round mirrors are in. For a truly grandeur look, try an oversized oval mirror. 

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Wood Framed 

Perfect for the rustically-inclined bathroom are mirrors framed in stained wood. Match the frame to your cabinetry and compliment it with plenty of natural textures, such as bamboo or jute.

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Contrary to the aforementioned wood frames mirror is the no-frame mirror, which best suits a bathroom with a minimalistic decorating scheme. 

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A vanity mirror is the perfect addition to any ensuite and will suit all of your primping needs for years to come. Take your vanity one step further by framing it with dressing-room-esq lights. 

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His & Hers 

Or … make that a double? A his-and-hers vanity setup can ease morning traffic and make getting ready for work every day an “us time” affair.   

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Feeling inspired by Art Deco? Perhaps a gallery-style mirror display, like the one below, will tickle your fancy.   

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