6 DIY Projects to Get You Pumped for Spring 

1. Repaint your front door with a funky, Spring colour. This year’s trendy colours for Spring are shades of purple, milky blues, jewel tones, and bold greens.


2. Switch out your lampshades. As a cool project for your kids, buy plain lampshades and have the kids paint them. Use spray paint if you can supervise them, or opt for acrylic paint verses oil based. If you’re looking for an adult craft, use paper designs, decoupage and Mod Podge to spruce up your shades.

3. Dress up your dishware. This is a simple project that requires solid porcelain mugs (white works best), different coloured sharpies, and an oven. Use stencils to design the mugs, or go freestyle; when you’re done drawing, stick them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°F. 


4. Replace your carpets. If you’re on a bit of a budget, try self-adhesive carpet tiles. There’s a few pros to these, one being that they are easy to install and to replace.

5. Sew some Spring themed throw pillows. Pillows are relatively simple and quick to sew. All you need is a yard or so of fabric, a sewing machine, and stuffing. Pick fun floral prints or have your kids dye plain cotton or canvas; (and try to incorporate some of those trendy Spring colours).


6. Dress up your front stoop. Use potted plants, put out some lawn chairs, or even change up the light fixture coverings. Have your kids paint the plant pots for added flare and originality.

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