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4 Yard Care Tips for Spring

A Summer-ready yard starts with Spring maintenance. As the weather starts to warm up, what better way to get yourself outside than to start on those inevitable yard chores early this year. Here are 4 important areas to focus on.

Clean Up: First you want to tackle the debris that have likely been collecting on your property all winter. Get out your trusty rake and collect all of the fallen leaves and dead foliage from your lawn and garden. Don’t forget to compost!


Lawn Prep: Winter can mess with soil pH and create conditions friendly to weeds and disease. On top of that, as the snow melts, you may start to notice patches of densely compacted soil or areas where grass doesn’t seem to be growing at all. These are issues you want to tackle as early as you can. Give your lawn a light raking once the ground is dry. If you find that your lawn is uneven, use a shovel to break down high spots, and fill in areas that are depressed from foot traffic. Once you’ve evened out your lawn, you can go ahead and start reseeding those pesky bald spots.

Garden Prep:  Get rid of the dead parts of your perennials to make room for new growth and perhaps plant some new annuals.  If you have plants that vine upwards, replace the wood that’s supporting them, and refasten with twine. If you have foliage on your property, use a pruner to give everything a nice, sharp haircut in lieu of the new season.


Tree Care: Tend to the trees around your property. With a pair of pruning sheers, get rid of winter-killed branches to make room for new growth (use a handsaw for any branches larger than a half inch in diameter).

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