An Idea For Your Old Windows – As Seen On CityLine

Time for your windows to be replaced? Feel badly about throwing them away because they still appear to be in good condition? Especially feel bad if they’re stained glass which probably took someone a lot of time to make? Well stop feeling bad! I’ve got the perfect D.I.Y. idea for your old windows that is easy and that will be a conversation piece for years and years to come….

Do It Yourself Window Table

All you need:

-Old window (the size of your choice- could be used as a coffee table, a side table, a console..)
-Legs from an old chair or table
-Paint or spray paint of your choice

1. Saw 4 legs off of an old chair or table – making sure they are all of equal height. You could take 2 legs off one piece and 2 off something else for some added interest!

We took all 4 legs from this old dining room chair.

2. Lightly sand the legs and the window frame (so that the paint will adhere properly, removing all loose paint).

3. Paint or spray paint the frame of the window and each of the legs in the colour(s) of your choice. Here, we used white semi-gloss paint from The Home Depot. They carry plenty of different colours, finishes and sheens.

4. Screw the 4 legs to the bottom of the window – be sure to line them up equally. You may want to make marks with a pencil.

5. Turn it over and voila! You’ll see we added two screen door handles (Also from Home Depot, for only about $2.00 each) to add some charm as an added touch.

I loved our table so much that I featured it on CityTV’s CityLine!

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Written by YanicSimard


Yanic Simard comes from a long line of industry professionals in Montreal that based their successes on the fact that good design and quality workmanship are the cornerstones to the art of living. Yanic has synthesized his experience in the building trade with his unrivaled creative talent to found the Toronto Interior Design Group (TIDG)—one of Canada’s leading design firms.
Yanic writes for many Canadian and international publications and blogs, and is a regular design guest expert to the #1 Canadian talk show Cityline on City.
Yanic’s 2013 Design Motto: “Finding meaningful likeness between contrasting objects is the essence of elegance.”

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