Bathroom Renos: At What Cost?

There is value in renovating a bathroom when selling a home. Depending on the home, there can be significant motivation to upgrade the bathroom and even for those of us not selling, there is a good reason to consider updating this space. Not enough storage, not green enough or it just needs an update … or in my case, all three.

So I went from this….


to this….

bath3 bath4 bath5

I love my new bathroom.

I love the creams and whites and the shots of black, especially in the basket weave flooring insert and the leather finished granite.

I’m crazy about the storage I gained by removing four useless 12” shelves that flanked either side of the bathtub and replacing them with four deep drawers.

And best of all, the money saving initiatives:

• Upgraded toilets, showerhead and faucets will save on water. Don’t forget to check and see if you are eligible for any government rebate.

• My new double sink, outfitted with two taps and one drain, solved my previous problem of two people trying to get ready in tight quarters each morning, but without the added plumbing costs. And I got to keep my make-up counter!

• We repainted all the existing cabinetry aside from the 4 Ikea drawers on either side of the bathtub. The original boxes that held the shelves were repainted and now house the drawers. The only new wood in the room is the window casings and baseboards. We went from ½ inch to 3 inch mouldings.

• A basket weave tile can be expensive so, as designers, we like to suggest using this for small areas. I was fortunate to find this basket weave at a liquidation sale.

• Sticking to a neutral, calming colour scheme means we aren’t likely to tire of it and have to paint again anytime soon.

• Still left to do in this Reno are new light fixtures and these will, of course, be energy efficient LED lighting.

So, how do you start your bathroom Reno?

  1. First, determine exactly what your problem areas are.
  2. Second, determine your budget.
  3. And third, pull out magazines, go online to Houzz, and talk with a designer to help you discover what’s trending in bathroom luxuries.


Written by Rachel Borrelli

Rachel Borrelli

Rachel Borrelli, owner of Diversa Designs Inc., is a CCSP and RESA member. Diversa Designs is a home staging and redesign company serving the Calgary and surrounding areas. With a passion for anything design, she loves helping people get the most out of their home investment through staging. Rachel’s other talent is redesigning rooms starting with her clients’ own treasures as inspiration. By adding color and a few new treasures, she gives your house the dream home feel.

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