Bathrooms have come a long way in recent years. The role of these high-traffic rooms has surpassed hard working function, and now there is more of a focus on style and comfort. Bathroom automation plays a large role in this transition, and so does an increased emphasis on stylizing the bathroom space further than purchasing a matching soap dispenser and hand towel set. Keep reading for what’s going to be popular for bathrooms in 2017. 


Spa or hotel chic

For some, the most appealing aspect of an upscale hotel or spa bathroom is the cleanliness factor. That cleanliness applies in a literal, germ-free sense of course, but also in a visual sense. Hotel and spa bathrooms are chock full of minimalistic charm, from their stark white linens, to their pristine tile work, to the clean and simple arrangement of the sink, toilet and tub. In 2017, bathroom design will mimic that of an establishment, and will take advantage of the coziness of less. 


Period inspired

The popularity of vintage-inspired bathrooms is far from new news, and in 2017, this trend will continue to go strong. In addition to Victorian- and Edwardian-style inspired baths, we’ll also see a jump in popularity of art deco-style bathrooms.


Modern luxury

Even if you’re all about period inspired décor, keep in mind that the world of bathroom décor is rapidly evolving, so leave room between the claw foot tub and the crystal chandelier for some more modern elements, like a techy toilet or motion sensor tap. Read more about smart bathroom design here.



Have you heard enough about green yet? In the bathroom, green compliments a myriad of bathroom floor, tile and sink styles. Green pairs particularly well in bathrooms with lots of natural texture and tone, like those with timber or stone. 


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