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Could Your Bathroom be Smarter

Photo Source: bathrooms.com

Photo Source: bathrooms.com

High-tech toilets. 

When it comes to bathroom automation and bathroom hygiene, Japan might have a leg up. Toto, a Japanese-based company, was the first responsible for pioneering the modern electric toilet, which, at its bare bones, is essentially a bidet. Their “no paper” (and “no hands”) toilet design is quickly gaining international momentum and includes features such as temperature and pressure controlled water and automatic dryers.

Toilet seat design has also come a long way. Seats with self-cleaning capabilities, heated seats and motion sensors linked to mechanisms that raise and close, are now available for residential purchase; (unfortunately, at a hefty price … for now).


Digitally controlled water usage.  

Motion sensors on taps and low-flow flushes have become the new normal now, for commercial and residential use alike. The benefits are plain. Using less water is simply the economical choice. Now, in addition to faucets with built-in infrared sensor technology, (aka touchless technology), advancements in water usage control include programmable features. These features allow users to set timed shower settings and or faucet settings for teeth brushing. Additionally, Bluetooth-connected shower technology, like the Eva Smart Shower Head promises to cut wasteful water usage and yield savings on your water bill.  Such features encourage you to develop water saving habits.




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