CLOSED: Battle Of The Sexes – Pick Your Look Contest

Battle of the Sexes designed by Marc Atiyolil

A sexy mix of masculine and feminine accessories were married together to form this Rock & Roll space. The soft almond wall hue (Sun and Star by Para Paints- P2061-04) is complemented by the cozy grey accents (Sophistication by Para Paints P5220-14D). Each accent in the room holds a unique style yet they all blend together into the overall look of the room. The bed’s dramatic neutral colours are softened by the curves in the frame while the pattern in the ottoman resurrects the male spirit within the design. Little pops of femininity and well traveled accents fight for the spotlight while the crystal and burnished silver fixtures disperse an equal amount of light on the entire design concept.

Get The Look – Sources

Wall & Trim Colours: Para Paints
Area Rugs: Carpet One Floor & Home
Chairs & Ottoman: Chair Source
Light Fixtures: Living Lighting
Small accessories: Urban Barn
Crane Print Duvet & Pillow Cases: EQ3
Coverlet, Duvet, White Sheet Set & Pillows: Sears
Custom London Themed Accent Pillows: Artistic Textiles
Bedframe, Headboard & Mattress: ViSpring

Get The Look – From Drab to Fab Projects

Ice Bucket
Mirror Front Dresser
Repurposed Wood Sign
Spotlight Lamp
Union Jack Table
Repurposed Sewing Table/Bar

Q&A With The Designer

What was the inspiration behind the design of this room?

A collection of famous rock stars’ homes.

What was your favourite part of the design process?

I love accessorizing and adding the final touches. It’s those small pieces that tell a lot about the personality of the homeowners.

Why did you choose the colour schemes used for this space?

I designed the space with a neutral colour palette in mind (Sun & Star and Sophistication by Para Paints) as to have the individual pieces make statements within the overall design. With that being said, a splash of colour (No Wake Zone by Para Paints) can also be added to accentuate certain features in the room, such as the curves in the bed frame or the reflections in the mirror side tables.

What is your favourite feature in the space?

I love how many different patterns, shades and textures have come together to form a dramatic design style. It’s edgy, yet somewhere you can see yourself enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Of the “From Drab to Fab” projects showcased in the space, do you have a favourite?

We have many of our “From Drab to Fab” projects showcased within the space. Starting with the ice bucket to the mirrored dresser. They are all close to my heart. It’s like asking which child you like better, you love them all equally.


ROOM ONE                                                                                                                   ROOM TWO

Simply changing the colour of a wall can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. Here we have the space with a soft almond wall hue (Sun and Star by Para Paints- P2061-04) in the first version and a dramatic blue (No Wake Zone by Para Paints – P5154-73) in the second version. Do you prefer the neutral almond scheme or a pop of bold, deep blue?

Tell us which look you prefer by leaving a comment below and you will be entered to win one of two great prizes!

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Crystal Shore

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251 thoughts on “CLOSED: Battle Of The Sexes – Pick Your Look Contest

  1. I prefer Room #2; the color is more restful, especially for a bedroom.

  2. I like room 2. The dark wall makes the light linen on the bed look brighter.

  3. I think Room 1 looks best. The colour is subtle but nice.

  4. My favourite is Room Two with the blue walls!

  5. Room 2, because it creates a restful effect, which is good for a bedroom

  6. At first I would of said room #2 but after examining both of them for a little longer, I found room #1 to be more calming and the accessories looks better behind a neutral/soft colored wall. I would go for room#1 !

  7. The almond, it is more soothing in a bedroom

  8. I love ROOM #2. Blue is my fovorite color, its peaceful and not a hospital blue 🙂

  9. Almond because the room just looks brighter

  10. I love them both – but would probably pick the almond so that I could change up the accessories to any colours I wanted from season to season

  11. Prefer the blue, because is my favorite color

  12. Room 2. It draws my eye and looks more put together.

  13. The room with the blue walls. I find it to look cozier and comfier than the room with the lighter walls.

  14. I like the blue colour — I like more vibrant wall colours as opposed to a neutral colour.

  15. Love the blue walls. We have a similar blue walls in many of our rooms.

  16. i definitely like the blue wall in room two. makes a big difference

  17. I prefer the blue room. It gives it more drama.

  18. I like, “a dramatic blue (No Wake Zone by Para Paints – P5154-73) in the second version.”

  19. the blue room is prettier and warmer to look at.

  20. Prefer look one because it is calmer and I have enough jaggles trying to sleep.

  21. I prefer room #2. More relaxing, calming. Offers a nice peaceful feeling.

  22. Definitely the blue. It makes the objects in the room pop. In the almond room everything blurs together and it just looks cluttered.

  23. Room 2 is definitely more peaceful and relaxing…both qualities you want in a bedroom.

  24. I really like room 2 with the dark blue walls. I am sooo over beige!

  25. The blue wall picks up the blue everywhere else and has a great effect for sure

  26. With so many people troubled by SAD in the winter months. I am partial to the Almond it is bright and has an illuminating effect. My pick, hands down.

  27. I love room #2 – the blue one! It’s soothing and makes you want to spend a lot of time there – like a little oasis!

  28. Love the blue! Just makes the whole room pop!

  29. i like the blue coloured room, blue is my favourite colour and i think it just adds a bit more personality to the space. i also like how the decorative accents complement this shade of blue.

  30. I prefer room 2 with the blue wall it looks more relaxing 🙂

  31. Loved blue ever since I was very young. It brings out the blue in my eyes, as well as the blue shades in the painting in the picture. Would vote for the blue room

  32. Loved blue ever since I was very young. It brings out the blueshades in the painting. Would vote for the blue room

  33. The blue room ( number two) is well done. Very inspiring!

  34. I just love, love, love the dramatic blue walls. It freshens the look
    of every item in the room also. Not only that, but I am sure it would even
    make the occupant look exceptional. I also think the darker blue makes the
    bedroom conducive to a more restful sleep.

  35. number 2 of course…number 1 is too bland..number 2 is more the mens boots..they certainly fit in both rooms

  36. I prefer the almond. It brightens the room and makes the blues in the rest of the room stand out more.

  37. I absolutely love the color scheme with the blue walls…it compliments everything perfectly

  38. I like room #1. Visually I think it looks more eclectic and the decor items stand out more against the neutral background. To me the decor looks more interesting and draws the eye to many different items.

  39. I prefer almond – the blue is a nice color on it’s own but I don’t feel like it goes well with the room – the almond is more calming – perfect for a bedroom, and it lets the furniture and other features of the room really stand out without taking over


  41. I am drawn to the blue room too! It really makes the red vase and the artwork pop.

  42. I think for me the lighter (almond) colour would suit my tastes more overall because one
    doesn’t need to worry about matching as much.

  43. Not so long ago I would have said blue but now i’m feeling the almond more

  44. I love the blue, so room 2 is for me. It makes the most of the accents and really makes the bed look soft and inviting. This room look creates a restful, relaxing atmosphere; perfect for sleeping.

  45. I like the room 2 in blue. It seems less bold and bright and is more relaxing.

  46. Blue. There is more depth to it. Gives a sense of tranquility in the bedroom which most people need!

  47. To be perfectly honest, I prefer the lighter shade but that’s because on first glance it looked more like a light lilac-blue instead of almond. The dark blue shade would not provide enough contrast and would soon tire the eye.

  48. I love room 2 the best. The blue on the wall gives a pop of colour and ties all the accent pieces together. It’s modern and fresh. The lack of colour on the wall in room one is too plain for me and gives the room a dated feel.

  49. I like room 2. The dark blue walls are really cozy…

  50. I like the second one with the blue wall as it makes the colours really pop!

  51. Blue is my pick, makes the room look cool, relaxing and trendy

  52. Room #1 – more cab be changed with that wall colour to transform the room again…

  53. The blue room ( #2) is truly inspiring and calming!

  54. I like look #2. The blue walls are relaxing.

  55. The blue room is much more dramatic and soothing.

  56. I love the blue! It’s almost the same shade as I’ve had for the last couple of years in my bedroom…what’s not to love!

  57. I absolutely am ecstatic about the space with a soft almond wall hue (Sun and Star by Para Paints- P2061-04) in the first version because I really could really relax and experience total peace of mind, soul, and spirit!

  58. I love the blue it makes the room look much warmer

  59. Room #1 the light colour looks so clean and bright. I would love a room like this.

  60. I like Room #2 because of the blue background. It gives it a warm feeling!

  61. I like room 2 the best. The dark blue is more dramatic. Make everything in the room look better.

  62. room one! When you look at room one your eye is drawn to all the different decorations in the room. When you look at room two you see blue and your eye leaves the room. The blue takes away!

  63. The blue room has a more dramatic effect. It brings out the colours of the rest of the room.

  64. I like #2..the Blue is warm and almost hugs you

  65. I like #2 better..the blue is warm and almost hugs you

  66. I prefer #2. The darker blue background seems neater, less busy and more calming for a nights sleep.

  67. The blue room looks more comfortable. The other one just looks plain.

  68. I like the blue room better, it feels more rich and luxurious.

  69. I prefer the room with the blue walls. It is very striking.

  70. I prefer the neutral almond colouring for the bedroom. For me, it’s a bit more zen-like.

  71. I really like the blue wall color. Very soothing.

  72. The blue! Love the colour and how warm the room looks.

  73. I love the light blue color…looks like most of my home!

  74. I like the blue, which is surprising as I am not a fan of the colour blue

  75. I love the second room, with the No Wake Zone by Para Paints – P5154-73. The word “dramatic” does not come to mind so much as “soothing”, which is what I’ve always felt a bedroom should be.

  76. I liked both the colour schemes, but the Almond hue is the one I would pick ultimately I think. The neutral Almond colour would add a warm ambience, soothing, calming feeling for a bedroom. Thanks!

  77. i prefer the “lighter” room! a more relaxing atmosphere….

  78. Room #2 is definetely my favorite; perfect harmony!

  79. I prefer room two as the bolder color really makes all the elements pop.

  80. I prefer the blue – it feels warmer to me

  81. I love the blue. It makes the room cozy you could wind down a busy day in this room

  82. Room 1 – it looks brighter and I’d rather a naturally brighter room, any room than a darker one

  83. I prefer the bold blue room! I love how everything stands out against it

  84. I prefer the pop of the deep blue color for the bedroom.

  85. The blue is my #1 choice, the almond is nice too!

  86. Room 1. Although I like the use of colour in the second one, it’s a bit too much blue for my liking.

  87. I would go for the almond personally…It seems more calming.

  88. I love Room 2 with the dark blue walls – they make the room seem very peaceful like the sea

  89. Room 1 is my favourite, seems much brighter

  90. I like the “soft almond” paint colour as it it makes the room “pop” out at you – so that you notice everything clearly and everything is light and bright.

  91. I like Room 2, the blue makes the room feel warmer.

  92. I prefer the blue, it makes the accessories stand out more.

  93. I like the blue for it’s richness and depth.

  94. i pick room one, the blue wall is too dark for me for a bedroom

  95. I prefer the blue room for its rich, calming colour

  96. I love the blue room it has synergy. Looking at it makes me feel happy. The cream wall fades into the sheets.

  97. I love the blue, it makes the room feel more relaxing and inviting !!

  98. Blue, because it looks so much warmer and inviting.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Room Two. While Room One feels light and airy, I like the solidity of Room Two’s walls.

  100. Room 2 , because the blue wall paint makes the room more richer.

  101. The blue is far more dramatic and the contrast sets up the other accents and accessories in the room. For my taste, I should say that “less is more” would apply to this space. WAY too many decor items.

  102. While I think both looks are wonderful I’m leaning towards the blue for the calming effect 🙂

  103. As much as i am a Blue lover…. I think that I would go with the almond.Yes boring to some, but my answer. That blue is maybe not coming across well on my laptop, it looks a bit dull.

  104. je prefere le regime aux amandes neutre car je trouve que ca agrandit la piece.

  105. Like the blue – more personality and interesting!

  106. I like Room 1 with the almond wall. It seems brighter and more cheerful.

  107. Love both looks but really love the contrast the deep blue gives the room!

  108. I prefer the blue wall colour as I think it shows the colours on the bed to a better advantage. I don’t have any “white or shades of same” in my house. Colour makes me happy.

  109. The blue makes the picture much more dramatic, in my opinion

  110. I like the blue wall paint. Very calming and relaxing.

  111. the almond is more restful. Room is lovely but too busy for a bedroom

  112. Room #1 as it looks fresh and more roomy. More crisp and is a room suitable for male and female in my opinion…

  113. I love the blue, the colour brings life to the room.

  114. I prefer the blue wall. Room two. The accent colors pop more in contrast and the blue wall gives the painting above the bed the mood it deserves.

  115. The blue makes the picture much more dramatic, and the room more inviting.

  116. This is a hard decision, both rooms are very elegant but the blue one has more pizzazz…… i’ll vote blue

  117. Almond sorry it is easier to change a object such as a bedspread to blue than paint a wall over .

  118. I prefer having colours in my room so I’d definately go to the blue walls. Its still neutral however I feel it gives the room more personality.

  119. While I think both look good, I prefer light coloured walls. So, my choice is the almond wall hue.

  120. I like room 1 for the calming feel and room two for its warmth.

  121. I prefer room 2 because the blue wall really makes everything else stand out.

  122. Almond….It is a soothing color for the room.

  123. I like the blue… feels cozy and ‘cacoon like’ which I feel a bedroom should be!

  124. I prefer room 2 because of the contrast the deep blue gives.

  125. I prefer the almond. Both are nice but the blue looks a bit too masculine for my taste.

  126. I prefer the blue ,,, it helps to raise the character of the room and shows off some of the accessories much better than the other room … Good job on both rooms though !

  127. If the room were oversizd I’d go with the Blue to make it feel more cozy and add warmth, but for an average-sized room I’d go with the Almond to open it up and add brightness.

  128. Room #2 (Blue); it is warmer & feels more welcoming… relaxing; just my opinion…. that how it feels….

  129. blue… becuase it makes the other colours pop more

  130. I am drawn to the almond wall colour, as it seems to work better (in my opinion) with the other items in the room.

  131. I love the gorgeous, peaceful yet stylish blue room! 🙂

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