What better way to invite the springtime into your home than to cultivate an indoor garden of some sort! These ideas are suited to the avid gardener, and as well for those living in an apartment or a condo without access to an outdoor garden. Greenery does not discriminate! 


A Botanical Wall Garden 

Photo Source: sheknows.com

We love the organic micro-trend that is botanical wall art, particularly because not everyone has a garden they can enjoy, or the green thumb necessary to maintain one. Lucky for those of us with regular thumbs, a botanical wall garden requires nothing more than dried botanicals, an empty frame, paper, and craft glue.  

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A Vertical Garden 

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Eighteen Ways to Fit a Garden into a Small Space

Also popular on the trend-front are vertical gardens, which can flourish indoors as well as out. Another benefit to going vertical is that it utilizes extraneous wall space, making it small-space-friendly. 

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A Herb Wreath 

Photo Source: sweetpaulmag.com

Pretty, easy to make, and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor all spring, summer, fall, and winter long.  

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A Terrarium 

Photo Source: pikenursery.com

This idea is great if you have pets or children who may make a mess of your indoor garden if it’s out in the open. Pick up a terrarium from IKEA or get creative with an old fishbowl, mason jars, wine glasses, or even old light bulbs if you’re feeling crafty.  

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