Decorating a child’s bedroom often comes coupled with a timeless dilemma; while you want your little one’s bedroom to reflect their age, the reality is that kids grow up fast and age-specific décor will only suit them for so long. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up four super simple hacks to help personalize your child’s bedroom in a transition-friendly way.  


Purposeful Paint 

Did you know that children are especially sensitive to the impact of color? Exposing your children to particular colors can improve mood, increase energy, foster creativity, and even heighten confidence.  

Read more about this important topic in our article, The Best Colors for Your Kids’ Room


Multi-purpose Bookends 

Besides the public library, does anyone really use actual bookends anymore? Improvise your bookends using your child’s toys, and keep those imminent trip hazards safe and sound in the process.  

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An Interchangeable Gallery Wall 

If you’ve got a crafty kid on your hands, this idea might be the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone: decorate a wall and encourage your child’s creativity while you’re at it! 

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Visit The Caterpillar Years for full instructions on how to recreate this gallery wall.


Fake a Bunkbed 

Are you anticipating lots of sleepovers in the months, or even years, to come? We love this simple “IKEA hack,” courtesy of Kid and Coe, using a loft bed as a sometimes bunk-bed.  

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