Whether your child is partial to purple, blue, green, or yellow, it’s important to note the impact color has on young minds. Exposing your child or children to particular colors can improve mood, increase energy, foster creativity, and even heighten confidence – all the more reason to select their bedroom colors strategically. Keep reading for our sweet and simple cheat sheet: the best hues for your kids’ bedroom. 


Organic Neutrals 

Nature-inspired colors have always been known for their soothing effects. For many, blues and greens evoke associations to things that are inherently calming, such as lush meadows, cloudless summer skies, and gently lapping ocean waves. In the setting of a child’s room, both green and blue are thought to reduce anxiety and aggression and lower blood pressure and heart rate. 


Soothing and Spiritual   

If you’re child is gunning for a pink or red room, perhaps purple might be a good compromise. Purple is associated with stability and spirituality, and lighter versions of the color, such as lavender, can have similarly calming effects as blue. 


Warm and Friendly  

If you’ve got a shy little one on your hands, you might want to consider orange or yellow for their bedroom. Orange is considered to be a social color, associated with confidence and energy. Pale yellow has similar energizing effects, lending an unsurprising sense of cheerfulness to any setting it’s used in.  

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Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto. You can follow her on Twitter: @zakkassam

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