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Global News anchor Farah Nasser and her husband moved into a new two-story home on an established street in North Toronto. It was almost perfect for them. All that was missing was family-friendly furniture, for their two young children and visitors, that blended with their home’s modern aesthetic.

“The homeowners had upsized and really just needed to decorate,” comments Designer Yvonne Whelan. “Their existing furniture wasn’t perfect for the new modern spacious style of the house. They needed help making it a home.”

Gray is the key note color throughout the home. Yvonne notes, “I like grays that have beige in them — ‘Greige.’ It works with most accent colors and is like a warm hug. I use slightly different hues of the same color which, along with texture and pattern, brings warmth to a room.”

“It took a little while to sell it to my husband but we’re thrilled with the look,” Farah notes of the master bedroom. Against a backdrop of grayed bricks, masculine and feminine sensibilities snuggle companionably. Tailored lines in the headboard, side tables, and the floor’s paneling are softened by nestling pillows whispering soft tufts of blush. The glimmering chandelier, lamps, and accessories add a spritz of sparkle.

“The key to a successful marriage is compromise right? Yvonne struck the perfect balance between my husband’s taste and my own,” Farah observes. “It’s my favorite room in the house.”

The walk-in closet, off the bedroom, is efficiently organized with a chic vanity bench. Light from the window, and a chandelier originally from the dining room, along with the wardrobes’ long lines, visually expand the room’s height and depth.

Initially, they wanted in the dining room a sleek modern table that was going to be custom made. But the couple could not part with their dining table. The concept for the dining room was changed to combine both traditional and modern. They splurged on the drapery, and chose a well-priced light fixture.

Yvonne remarks “I wanted the drapery to add dimension as dining rooms have the propensity to look boring and we couldn’t have that.” 

Comfortable drama makes for a living room that is warm and inviting, yet elegant. “The bones of the room were incredible,” Yvonne comments, “So we just wanted to complement what we had.”

The lines and breadth of the furniture balances the soaring fireplace. Yvonne advises “Try not to have too many focal points as it can take away from a room.”

Metallic color, and laced effects add artfulness to balance the room’s solid squares and rectangles. “Farah loves turquoise so it was an easy choice. We used grays and whites to ground the room and to give it a timeless look.”

Farah notes that she and her husband were pleased and excited! “The space is modern and functional but at the same time warm and welcoming. A perfect mix.”


Text by J. Lynn Fraser, Space Designed by Yvonne Whelan, Photos by Stephani Buchman

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