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Eight Decor Tips for Small Bathrooms


Do you wish you had a bigger bathroom?  You’re not alone.  In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Moen Incorporated, almost half of the respondents (45 percent) said they ‘wish they could make their bathroom larger’. If a new bath isn’t in your budget, use these tips to turn a small bathroom to one that feels spacious and soothing – without a major remodel.

1. Take Back the Tub. From shampoo and shower gel, duckies and boats, the bathtub often needs to store a variety of items.  While shower caddies or shelves are an ideal solution, you can also make your own.  Reuse your straight shower rod – but install it across the back wall of the tub. Next, use shower rod hooks to hang a variety of plastic baskets to create instant storage for each member of the family.

2. Maximize with Dual-Function.  Dual-function products are perfect for smaller baths, since they offer added benefits, without taking up more space.  Update your current toilet paper holder, towel bars and in-shower shelves with newer versions that integrate a grab bar.  Moen, for example, offers stylish grab bar designs featuring a paper holder, a towel bar and two shelf designs – all in a variety of finishes to help you update these bathroom basics while adding storage, safety and style.

3. Shelves for Storage.  Don’t limit the vertical surfaces of your bathroom for mirrors and décor, especially if you don’t have a closet. Try installing wall shelves.  There are a variety of options – from smaller, decorative shelves that can hold perfume and toiletries – to larger hotel shelves that provide the perfect storage location for towels.

4. Hidden Helpers.  While space underneath the vanity offers room for storage, this hidden area is a glutton for disorganization. Remove everything and toss any items you don’t need.  Next, use baskets or bins to create a place for everything.  Don’t forget that the back of the doors can also be an added location to install a hook or shelf.

5. Hotel Inspiration.  Take note when you’re in a hotel at the many amenities they offer and incorporate them into your bathroom for added functionality and organization.  Did you love using the wall-mounted mirror?  Enjoy the convenience of storing the hair dryer on the wall?  Moen tells us they have a variety of bath accessories like the Arris wall-mount magnifying mirror that allows you to obtain hotel luxury at home – so install and enjoy.

6. Blend in, but make a statement.  Using an intense colour palette can weigh down a small room, so try using a cooler palette, including pastels and neutral tones, to add size and depth to a tiny space.  Continue the colour scheme to the trim, vanity and door to create a “disappearing” look that will lengthen the walls. By eliminating the hard edges created by drastic changes in colour, your eye will flow smoothly across the room.

It’s also important to look at small details, like faucets and accessories, to make a statement.  Choosing a fashionable, uncomplicated design can provide a beautiful focal point in your new bath. Take a look at the Moen Voss faucets, for example. Available in single-handle, widespread, centreset and wallmount styles, the Voss collection blends to the best of transitional and modern styling that is the perfect fit for any bathroom. There are matching tub and shower faucets as well, and a complete selection of accessories to provide the perfect eye-catching detail.

7. Take a Look in the Mirror.  A mirror in the bathroom can do more than just show your reflection – it can stretch the space. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light, making a smaller room look bigger and brighter.  A great trick for improving the room’s reflective qualities is to hang a large, horizontal mirror along the longest wall of the bath. If a large mirror is out of your budget, you can create the same effect by grouping an arrangement of smaller mirrors. For a never-ending room, position two mirrors on opposite walls to create the perfect illusion. Whatever technique you choose, mirrors are great décor pieces that won’t muddle a small bath.

8. Say “No” to Big and Bulky.  Traditional, large vanities with cabinet drawers can make an already petite-looking bath appear even smaller.  In order to avoid this common misstep, either install a vanity with open storage areas or try suspending shelving for a contemporary feel. This will create a more spacious look by giving the shelving a light and airy appearance.

With a few simple projects, your bathroom can achieve maximum use of space, style and organization.

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