5 Unique Ways to Use Your Fireplace in the Spring

In the past, the hearth was a gathering place in many homes, providing warmth for the house and heat for the cooking of daily meals. Today we refer to it as a fireplace where we can create a traditional wood-burning cove or a modern fuel flame. Either way, it is a focal point that creates ambiance and romance.

So what do you do during the spring and summer months? Here are a few ideas to maintain its focus in your room.

Summer Flames

This is a simple way to illuminate your fireplace with a flame without creating too much heat. The first step this Boston DIY blogger took was to paint out the cove with chalk paint (chemical free), camouflaging the sides and back. Lining the bottom of the pit with a black garbage bag and stones results in a neutral base to display an arrangement of candles.

Photo Source: Lia Griffith
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Written by Paul Semkuley

Paul Semkuley

Paul Semkuley, principal of re:source lifestyles, a Toronto-based Interior Stylist, combines his love of art, fashion and design to offer a unique decorating point of view. With an extensive client base in Toronto and the GTA, his firm incorporates a client’s existing collection of furniture and family treasures in unique and unpredictable ways.

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