For anyone with summer time-off coming up, be it a few days or a month, DIY projects are a fun and bountiful way to keep occupied in a useful way.  Don’t know where to start? How about with any of these five: 


A Rope and Tire Ottoman 

Did you know that it can take up to 80 years for rubber tires to fully decompose in landfills? That staggering number aside, discarded tires can pose a fire risk and oftentimes house harmful chemicals that leach into soil as they decompose. This DIY idea presents a resourceful way to repurpose old tires, so you can avoid sending them to the landfill.  

What you’ll need: a tire, medium-density fiberboard, six screws, a screwdriver, a drill, a hot glue gun, scissors, an old rag, natural sisal twisted cord, and concentrated brush sealer. 

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Click Here for details and instructions.


A Rope and Tire Planter 

Don’t really need any more seating? Along the same lines as the aforementioned tire and rope ottoman, is this tire and rope planter. 

What you’ll need: a tire, one 4×4 board, sisal rope, weatherproof stain, pocket hole screws, a Kreg Jig or angle brackets, 2 inch bolts and nuts, 3/4 inch plywood or end of wood spool, a jigsaw with scroll blade 

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Click Here for details and instructions.


A Transformed Garden Bench 

A repurposed garden bench can add a touch of whimsy and vintage, period charm to your outdoor space, so long as you know how to clean it up and protect it against the elements.  

What you’ll need: a scrubbing brush, wire brush and wire wool, screwdrivers and spanners, a drill, release oil, wood preservative, wood stain, danish oil, metal paint and paintbrushes 

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Click Here for details and instructions.


Cutlery Wind Chimes 

Nothing like a melodious set of wind chimes to quite literally ring in the summer season! This DIY transforms something as ordinary as spoons and knives into an ornamental work of art.   

What you’ll need: assorted cutlery, needle nosed pliers, regular pliers, fishing line 

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Click Here for details and instructions.


A Pallet Porch 

This renter-friendly idea promises to get you back your security deposit, without sacrificing the look of a beautiful remodel.  

What you’ll need: wood pallets (and lots of them), wood stain, paint, stencils, assorted woodworking tools  

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Click Here for details and instructions.

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