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Selling Your Home: Why Your Presentation Is Not Impressing Potential Buyers

If you are considering selling your home or property, you should know that its appearance is what truly matters to buyers. The visual online pictures is what intrigues buyers to even look at your home or property. Buyers are simply fascinated by modern designs and aesthetics. Therefore, if your online images are great, then they will attract a ton of traffic, resulting in even more offers, potential profits and a quick sale.

Not Getting the Traffic or Offers You Expected?

So what if you aren’t getting the traffic you expected or your not happy with the offers you are (or aren’t) receiving? Well, it’s highly likely that either your asking price or your presentation just aren’t cutting it. Your asking price defines how long your home takes to set, but equally as important is your overall presentation, especially if you are asking more than your property’s market value.

If your home or property is up-to-date, modern or a turn-key operation, then buyers will be willing to pay more. Without a good presentation, you may have to reduce your asking price because you don’t have enough interested buyers. Here are a few reasons why buyers might not be impressed by your presentation.

Selling Your Home/Property “As Is”

You have decided not to invest in home improvements because your home or property’s look appeals to your tastes. It’s important to remember that everyone’s tastes are different. Your property may have flaws that buyers just can’t see past.

Modern updates and professional staging can help your Mississauga home to sell more and help you make a profit of your investment. If you’re forced to reduce your price you’ll lose valuable home equity, so provide buyers with a great staged property that they will find appealing. If you sell “As-Is” you’ll have more viewers than potential buyers, costing you more the longer your home stays on the market. In the end you’ll lose.

You Decided Not to Stage & Ignored Staging Advice

There are times when a seller may reject staging advice, or opt-out of home staging because they feel they know what’s best, what buyers are looking for or they simply don’t understand the purpose of staging. There’s a lot more to home staging than cleaning, de-cluttering and de-personalizing.

A professional staging job will build on the value and illustrate it to buyers. It also increases the overall appeal through the means of decorating and marketing. A stager can also provide you with functional and marketing recommendations that encourages interested buyers online and way more offers from these buyers too. Targets your buyers in a way that they can visualize themselves living in your home. If you aren’t staging then it’s likely to lose money or profit.

You Didn’t Hire the Right Person for Staging

Even if you mean well, it’s never a good idea to take on home staging by yourself or hire a real estate agent to handle it for you. Why? Color palettes and the right furniture are a must, and many homeowners and agents simply miss the mark. Even if you’re attempting to save money on staging by doing it yourself or working with an agent your choices are likely to detract from the value of a home rather than adding to it.

A professional stager will recommend:

  • The right paint colors, finishes & fixtures with target buyers in mind
  • Help you maximize any investment you make in updating your property.
  • Tailor the furniture, artwork and decor to the style of the home
  • Key into the prospective buyer demographics to increase the property’s marketability through lifestyle merchandising.

Most homeowners and real estate agents don’t have the skills or expertise to adequately achieve the presentation that a professional can. Your home is your single biggest investment so why leave the presentation to chance?

If your Mississauga home isn’t impressing buyers, give our experienced & award-winning team a call. Lionsgate Design is a leading home staging provider and we offer everything from comprehensive consultations to complete staging solutions. Call us today.

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