Maybe you’re renting, or maybe you SO simply doesn’t want you sullying your freshly painted walls with nails and hooks – whatever the case may be, we’ve got a few solutions for that. Keep reading for four innovative ways to display your photos, sans hammer and nail. 


Custom Photo-printed Wallpaper 

Removeable wallpaper is something of a go-to for apartment dwellers, forbade from permanently altering the state of their rented-out walls, so it makes sense that photo-printed wallpaper would be the renter’s inventive alternative to mounted frames.  

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Tree Branch Ladder DIY 

This nature-inspired DIY will have your house guests cooing over your creativity. Use the rustic ladder to display clean, crisp photographs with stark white trim, to achieve visually intriguing juxtaposition. 

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Click here for details and instructions.


Lampshade Collage  

What better way to (literally) shed light on forgotten family memories? As an added bonus, this simple DIY project will serve as a surefire conversation starter when entertaining guests, or alternatively could be given as a thoughtful present to someone dear to you.  

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Click here for details and instructions.


Fridge Magnets 

In addition to being inexpensive, this DIY project will allow you to display double … triple … dare I say quadruple, the amount of photos that you would normally be able to fit on your fridge. Plus, you won’t have to worry about pictures falling off due to weak magnets – (because your pictures will be the magnets, of course). 

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Click here for details and instructions.

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