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Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

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A gallery wall can take on so many different forms, be it an irregular collage of frames or a more symmetrical ensemble. Create a gallery wall that will enhance your space (and showcase your favorite family memories while you’re at it) with these five tips.


Practice Continuity 

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your collection of frames and photographs have at least one cohesive factor; be that the aesthetic of the frames or the colors within the photographs themselves. If you’re opting for frames of varying sizes, limit yourself to a few sizes at first, stagger them on your wall space, and then add more versatile sizes as desired. 


Have a Shape in Mind 

The shape your gallery wall takes on largely depends on the availability of wall space. If you don’t have a specific shape in mind, start in the middle, with a personal favorite or particularly eye-catching photo or frame, and work your way outwards. This way, no matter what shape you end up with, you’ll have logical a focal point. TIP Don’t forget about depth when planning your wall. Try to select frames with similar depths, so that your gallery wall appears cohesive when viewed from an angle.


Utilize Negative Space 

As important as the physical frames and photographs are, the negative wall space between them is just as important. A good amount of wall space between each frame will make your photos pop. Try to make the wall space between your frames as equal as possible. 


Take Creative Liberty 

When designing your wall, don’t feel limited by flat photographs and frames. For a truly customized effect, consider adding other wall-mounted decor to the mix, such as wall baskets, small tapestries, and artwork.


Take Your Time

Above all, a successful gallery wall should be meaningful to its maker, so don’t rush to put your gallery up in the span of a weekend. Instead, give yourself weeks (or even months) to carefully curate images that are meaningful to you, frames that you absolutely love, and a layout that suits and enhances your space.

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