Helpful Apps for Home Staging

Staging your own home? We’ve got an app for that! That said, not all apps are created equal, so keep reading for a few we recommend. 



VisualStager is an online program that allows you to test out thousands of furniture and accents in any room. Simply upload a photo of an empty room, and then select items from the app’s catalog, off of a website or MLS listings to furnish it with. This app also offers a program called “Social Stager,” which allows users to interact with prospective buyers. 


Yard Sale Treasure Map 

If you’re on the hunt for furniture for staging, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Yard Sale Treasure Map could be an invaluable tool. Use the app to access craigslist garage sales in your area, and take advantage of the unparalleled finds/treasures. 


Photo Measures 

Okay, so you’ve found some quality pieces using the Yard Sale Treasure Map, but how will you know whether those big ticket items, such as sofas and tables, will fit in your home? That’s where the Photo Measures app comes in. Use the app to log and save dimensions of anything from rooms to large furniture items to help you better stage your space. 



iStaging uses virtual reality technology to help stage your home the best way, the first time. Use the advanced technology to try out furniture in your home, discover furniture from around the world, and access 360 degree VR interior designs created by professional interior designers. 

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