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Staging Tips for a Small Space

Small space staging is tricky, but not impossible! Keep reading for a few clever tips we recommend to help you stage your small space up. 

A Reverse Housewarming Party 

The first rule of thumb when staging your home: less it more. Clutter will ultimately dissuade prospective homebuyers, so you want to nip that in the bud. Consider hosting a party before your first open house, the aim being to sell or give away any space-hogging items, so you can stage with a blank slate. 

Store Galore 

Small spaces tend to jive well with minimalistic decor, so anything extraneous, such as figurines or picture frames which can’t be sold, should be stored out of sight. 

Free Up Corners 

To better enforce a sense of spaciousness, leave the corners of the room as empty as possible. You want to make prospective buyers can see every nook and cranny: the more open space that’s visible, the larger the space will feel. 

Be Wary of Barriers 

This idea is not for everyone, but if you’re working with a small space that’s constricted with lots of wall divisions, consider removing your interior doors all together, with the exception of rooms that lead to bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. 

Play It Safe With Colors and Patterns 

If you’ve employed more than one paint color throughout your small space, you may want to consider repainting at least one of those colors. Painting every room the same color is a tactical move, and will lend your space a continuous feel. Beware of loud, contrasting prints, which will break up the continuity. 

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