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When you’re working with a small space, it’s important to make every decor decision impactful. Check out these five ideas for giving your small space a makeover in time for fall.


While having a sofa may seem like a living room essential, if you’re pressed for space, it could also be a waste of valuable real estate. Instead of choosing this one large – and sometimes limiting – piece, consider mixing it up with creative alternative seating instead. A combination of chairs, poufs, pillows and ottomans will allow you flexibility in terms of floor plan – something that is crucial when you’re working with a small space; (especially as we anticipate the transition into fall, when you and your guests will be spending more time indoors).


It’s a common misconception that when working with a small space, you should stick to light colours, and further, that your colour palette must be simplistic and cohesive throughout. Well, consider snore-ing colour scheming a thing of the past. Dark and broody monochromic colour schemes are popular this fall, and there is absolutely no reason why your walls shouldn’t get a taste of these season-appropriate hues in 2016. Try using different shades to add visual separation within your space.


And while you’re at it, paint your ceiling. Painting your ceiling with a dark colour lends it coziness and drama. Not ready to commit to paint? Try wallpaper.

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What could be more perfect for fall than a wall lined in books. Not only is this decor idea classic, but it also happens to be strategic. This is because repeating a design element in your space can trick the eye into thinking your space is bigger than it is.


And on that same wavelength: stripes. On your walls, stripes can give the illusion of elongation and higher ceilings; and on your ceiling, they have the same expansive quality as exposed beams.

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