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So you’ve personalized your child’s bedroom, but what about their bathroom?β€― 


Kid-Proof Your Countertops 

Bathrooms are notorious for accidents, especially when you have kids, which is why it’s important to ensure the materials used in high traffic zones are durable. Granite countertops, for instance, can be easily stained and scratched, while a material such as Quartzite is scratch and stain-resistant and bears a similar look to granite. 


Slip-Proof Your Floors 

Slips, trips, and falls are always a concern in every room of the house when you have little ones running around. Mitigate that risk as much as you can in the bathroom via slip-proof flooring. Large format tiles tend to offer better traction, and you can purchase them with a specific slip resistance rating. Steer clear of high-gloss flooring, which will become slippery when exposed to humidity. 


Install Anti-Scald Devices 

Anti-scald devices can be a Godsend if you have little ones in the home. Installing these devices on your shower heads and faucets will ensure temperature controlled water flow, and could keep small children from burning their hands unintentionally.β€― 


Express Their Personalities 

Practicality is important when it comes to bathroom but so is personality. Give your child some say in the bathroom, especially if it’s a bathroom meant only for them. Paint color is a great, non-permanent way to personalize, so don’t be afraid to select paint with your child’s unparalleled energy in mind. 

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