Layout & Design Tips for Your Small Studio

Unsurprisingly, decorating a studio comes with its own unique set of challenges and limitations, compared to decorating its multi-room counterpart. While you want to establish areas throughout your studio, you also want to take advantage of the open layout and allocate those areas in a way that won’t restrict air, light, and traffic flow.  Here are some tips we think are worth considering. 


Establish Areas 

There are many ways to create sections in your studio, without the presence of walls. Think: curtains, furniture, decorative panels, raised flooring, or even plant life, if you do desire. The most important area you want to create is the bedroom portion. Finding a way to differentiate your bedroom from the rest of your condo will immediately ease your living-in-one-room woes. 


Furnish Smart 

It’s a common misconception that a small condo warrants small furniture; this can in fact backfire and end up making your space look busy and cluttered. Large furniture, as well as multipurpose furniture, is your best bet.  


The Power of See-through 

Speaking of furniture well-suited to a small studio, the use of transparent furniture can have similar light, air, and traffic flow encouraging qualities as having no furniture. Essentially, all of the function,  without any of the visual bulk that usually goes hand in hand with traditional furniture. 


Light Generously 

This one may seem a little obvious, but it’s important enough to mention anyways. Think: abundant LED lighting, light paint colors, (which will reflect light rather than absorb it), and clean, unobstructed windows. 

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Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance writer/editor based out of Toronto.

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