Grill ownership, much like owning a pet, home or car, comes with responsibilities. Ensuring a long and hearty life for your outdoor grill requires ongoing maintenance as well as preemptive measures, and in that spirit, we’ve outlined a few tips below. 


Prevent Buildup 

One basic thing you can do to prevent your grill from accumulating leftover food, is to properly oil the grates. Before you heat up your grill, use a paper towel to apply oil sparingly over the grates.  


Protect it From Rust 

Particularly in Canada, where the weather is oftentimes sporadic, it’s a good idea to make sure your grill is well prepared for the inclement weather. You can do this by painting the exterior of your grill with rustproof metal paint. To treat existing rust, use steel wool to gently scrub the affected spots.  


Keep it Covered  

Once again, anticipating turbulent Canadian weather, ensure your grill is properly safeguarded with a durable, weather resistant grill cover. A cover will also provide a welcomed barrier against dirt and debris that tend to run rampant outdoors. 


Clean it Regularly  

This one may seem obvious, but worth mentioning nonetheless. After every use, take the extra step to spot clean your grill. You can also turn it up to high heat for ten to 15 minutes after use to burn off extraneous food debris and gunk. For how-to tips on cleaning your grill, particularly after a winter season not in use, as well as a few more clever outdoor cleaning hacks, click here


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