Bigger is not always better and when it comes to Christmas trees, bigger often means more mess, and subsequently, more stress. Keep reading for five small-space-friendly, pet-friendly, and ultimately human-friendly, mini tree ideas for your home. 


Using Pinecones 

What you’ll need: black poster board, tape, cleaned pinecones, hot glue gun and glue, 15 inch straw wreath, assorted Christmas decorations, assorted wide wired ribbon and narrow ribbons, battery operated white string lights 

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Visit Suzy’s Artsy-Crafty Sitcom for full instructions on how to DIY this Pinecone Christmas Tree. 


Using Wood Pallets 

What you’ll need: wood pallets (assorted sizes), paint, napkins, Mod Podge, indoor/outdoor sealant for wood, buttons, craft star, super glue 

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Visit Wildflowers & Pistols for full instructions on how to DIY this Pallet Wood Christmas Tree. 


Using Twine 

What you’ll need: jute string, styrofoam trees, plastic wrap, cardstock, Mod Podge Stiffy, red and green food coloring 

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Visit Love Create Celebrate for full instructions on how to DIY these String Christmas Trees. 


Using Yarn 

What you’ll need: yarn in various shades of green, sewing scissors, floral wire, wire cutters, super glue, wood dowelwith a small hole drilled in the middle or halved cork 

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Visit Home Edit for full instructions on how to DIY these Yarn Christmas Trees. 


Using Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

What you’ll need: dark green candy melts, strawberries (stems removed), Oreo cookies, white icing, sprinkles, candy stars, powdered sugar, heavy cream, water 

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Visit Lovely Little Kitchen for full instructions on how to DIY these Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees. 

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