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Expert Advice: Mixing Feature Walls and Custom Drapery

Sara Augenblick of Model Space Designs shares tips for mixing feature walls with custom drapery.

Custom Drapery

Wallpaper, murals and painted feature walls are a popular design choice but many homeowners don’t realize that you can do both a feature wall and drapes in the same space! When done correctly, these two design features can enhance each other.

So, how do you make this work in your home? The key is to match a pattern with a solid. If you have a patterned wallpaper, choose a solid fabric for your drapes and vise versa. The solid color should complement at least one of the colors in the pattern for a cohesive look.

Your solid color doesn’t have to be boring or plain to make this work. You can add a bit of extra detail if you wish. If your custom drapery is a solid color, add a border in a second color or choose a textured wallpaper if the feature wall is a solid color. These types of details give the solid color extra visual interest without competing with the pattern.

Photography by Stephani Buchman; Space Designed by Sandra Farfan of Two Decorators

Custom Drapery

POP OF COLOR: This wallpaper was the inspiration for the décor of this open concept condo. To create flow, decorative yellow side panels were installed over inside mounted white blinds. The side panels can be swapped for gray with minimal expense should the client tire of the color after a few years!

Custom Drapery

STAND OUT COLOR:  In this bachelor condo, the client chose a painted blue bulkhead instead of a feature wall for the main living area. Neutral drapes were chosen to allow the blue color to really stand out.

Custom Drapery

NEUTRAL DREAMS: Rather than pulling color from the wallpaper in the bedroom, we chose to use taupe with a black border to coordinate with the artwork directly across from the drapes. When paired with blue bed linens, this creates a cohesive look without being overdone.

Custom Drapery

WELL PLANNED: All details were carefully planned out to give the condo a color flow without an overstatement of color.

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