Non-screen Things You Can Display in Your Family Room

If presented with the sheer opportunity that is a bare wall, what would you choose to occupy that prime real estate with?  If your answer involves mounting a screen of some kind, perhaps this rundown is for you! Put a cap on those notorious screens and scroll down for five non-screen alternatives for your living room wall. 


A Board Game Wall 

Encourage your little ones to play against each other (rather than against a computer), with this creative wall of games. (As an added plus, free up some storage where piles of dusty old games used to reside) 

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Visit Heathers Handmade Life for full instructions on how to recreate this Board Game Wall. 


An Oversized Tic Tac Toe Board 

Along similar lines to the aforementioned board game wall is this oversized tic tac toe board idea, which is as ornamental as it is entertaining.  

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Visit Thistle Wood Farms for full instructions on how to recreate this Oversized Tic Tac Toe Board. 


A Chalkboard Wall Decal 

If you read our blog, you’ll know we’re big fans of chalkboard paint. This nifty removable sticker decal is a great way to embrace the trend in a non-permanent way. 

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Visit Gear Best to shop this Aooyaoo Removable Blackboard Sticker Room Decoration. 


A Stylized Home Library 

Reignite your loved ones’ love of reading with library-esq wall like this one. Visit Country Living for more stylized bookshelf inspiration. 

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A Map Art Wall 

Map art has garnered popularity amongst DIY-ers in recent years – and for good reason! We love the vibrant colors used by this DIY-er to create a unique and thoughtful gift for her son.  

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Visit Craving Some Creativity for full instructions on how to recreate this Map Art Wall. 


A Gallery Wall 

And finally, seeing as it is your family room, it seems only appropriate to dedicate vacant wall space to memories of your family. Do you like this gallery wall idea? Check out our article, Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall, for details and instructions on how to DIY one of your own.

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